» » Herzberg HG-6007; Electric weeder 2000W
Herzberg HG-6007; Electric weeder 2000W
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Herzberg HG-6007; Electric weeder 2000W

- HG-6007

Herzberg HG-6007; Electric weeder 2000W

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Herzberg HG-6007: Weed Burner








The Herzberg Innovative Weed Burner is a professional tool that provides safe, easy, clean & neat lawn against flower beds or hard surfaces with the power of thermal heat that produces 650 degrees that can burn undesirable weed in an instant. No more chemical pesticides and gases that can be harmful to your health.  Equipped with a long adjustable tubular body, this provides control and easiness while operating the unit. It has conical protection on the burner it avoids useless heat dispersion and can also be replaced with an extra nozzle. Comfort & safety was never compromised as it has a soft grip ergonomic handle and overheats protection. It has a power button with 2 temperature settings to choose from; Setting 1: produces 60 degrees of heat for venting or cooling down while Setting 2: provide 650 degrees for burning the weed. This can be used to light up bbq grills and useful in starting a fire in the fireplace and even paint removal. It can also be used in melting those stubborn snow after a winter night. Energy saving and easy to store, it has a detachable handle extension and it won't even take a lot of space in your storage room. So when you are looking for the best quality lawn tools that can get the job done and even more, the Herzberg innovative weed burner is the right for you.  






  • Made from high-quality material, durable, and can use for a long time.
  • Innovative Weed Burner kills a weed by thermal heat
  • No Need of chemicals pesticides gas
  • Simply destroy weeds by heating within 5 seconds
  • Setting 2: 650oC for weed burning/bbq ignition
  • 500L/min air flow kills the weed in minutes
  • Setting 1: 60oC for venting/cooling down
  • Detachable handle extension for easily carry around and kill the weeds with ease
  • Perfect for weeding, icebreaking, paint removal and etc.
  • Conical protection on the burner it avoids useless heat dispersion.
  • Over-heated protection, energy saving.
  • On/Off Button with 2 Temperature Settings
  • Retractable stand to place it while it cools down
  • Replaceable extra nozzle
  • Useful for BBQ & fireplace lightning
  • Useful for melting snow and removing paint
  • Easy to detach and store anywhere
  • With CE & GS certification






  • Color: Green & Silver
  • Materials: ABS, Stainless Steel
  • Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 230V-50Hz
  • Setting 1 Temperature: 60°C
  • Setting 2 Temperature:  650°C
  • Air flow:  500L/min -1.8m
  • Cable: Ho5RN-F Rubber Cable 2x1.0mm
  • Product Length: 19cm
  • Plug wire length: 178cm (appx)
  • Dimension: 50cm x 12cm x 9cm
  • Product Weight: 1.20 kg



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