» » Herzberg HG-8024: Ceramic Filter Advanced Ionic Showerhead
Herzberg  HG-8024: Ceramic Filter Advanced Ionic Showerhead
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Herzberg HG-8024: Ceramic Filter Advanced Ionic Showerhead

- HG-8024

Herzberg HG-8024: Ceramic Filter Advanced Ionic Showerhead

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Herzberg HG-8024: Ceramic Filter Advanced Ionic Showerhead
Herzberg  HG-8024: Ceramic Filter Advanced Ionic Showerhead
The Herzberg Ceramic Filter Advanced Ionic Showerhead offer the ultimate shower experience. Its luxurious look entices anyone to enjoy their time bathing while enjoying its utmost health benefits. The ceramic fitter elements filter residual chlorine, pollutants, and microbes. It contains Selenium balls an antioxidant ensuring that your body will have an adjusted nutritive balance against cancer, anti-aging and it increases immunity. It also contains an anion mineralized ball that relieves stress and fatigue after a long day of work, it deodorizing agent which is also antimicrobial so that every bath would be a thorough clean.  With all these health benefits, all that is left is a radiating skin, silky and smooth hair and energize body every time you take a bath. Have one of this sophisticated showerhead that is also ergonomically designed and perfectly crafted to perfection.  Be healthy and enjoy life with this great product exclusively from Herzberg.  

3 Layers of Mineralized Spheres: 

  • Mineralization stone -  kind of mineral that purification function. Absorbs harmful substances in the air for achieve the effect of deodorization
  • Anion stone -release negative ions, improve lung ventilation & promote metabolism
  • Germanium stone - efficiently removes chlorine from tap water during bathing, shrinks skin pores, hydrates and whitens the skin to prevent skin aging



Attention:  Mineral Stone Replacement/Additional can Purchase. 


  • Ceramic Filter Elements with bioactive stone
  • Remove residual chlorine and microbes
  • Bioactive stone that has an antioxidant agent
  • 3 Filter Property: Ceramic Filter Element, Selenium Ball & Anion Mineralized Ball
  • Provides skin nourishment 
  • Eliminates body free radical and toxin preventing skin aging
  • Replaceable ceramic filter and balls
  • Silicon Filter to prevent water leakage and filter impurities
  • Suitable for most fittings
  • Color: Transparent and Silver
  • Type: Handheld
  • Material: ABS, Stainless
  • Product Dimension: 
  • Water Pattern Variation: 4
  • Net Weight: 
  • Gross weight: 
  • Carton size:
  • Ball using time: About 6-12 months, according to your usage
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