» » Herzberg HG-8090-7BK: 7-Pieces Marble Coated Cookware Set

Herzberg HG-8090-7BK: 7-Pieces Marble Coated Cookware Set

- HG-8090-7BK

Premium 3003 aluminum cookware set with 2-layer marble non-stick coating, removable handle, and induction bottom for even cooking.

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Product Description and Specification

Introducing the 7-piece Herzberg HG-8090-7BK cookware set, which is intended to improve your cooking experience. This set is not only strong and long-lasting but also ensures even heat distribution because it is made of superior quality 3003 aluminum. This cookware set, which has a thickness of 2.5 mm, is made to last and withstand the demands of regular cooking.


Cooking and cleaning are simple thanks to the cookware sets inside 2-layer marble covering. Since the marble is non-stick, using less or no butter or oil when you cook results in healthier meals. The cookware set's exterior has a modern black finish that goes with any kitchen design.


The Herzberg HG-8090-7BK cookware set has a detachable handle that is both reliable and cozy to hold. You can carry the cookware from the burner to the oven or table without using bulky potholders thanks to the removable handle design. To keep you safe when cooking, the knob is composed of bakelite with a silicone coating that keeps it cool to the touch.


This cookware set contains a 26x6.5cm deep fry pan with a lid, a 28x5.5cm fry pan, a 24x5.0cm fry pan, and a 18x8.5cm casserole. To aid you in cooking like a master, the kit also comes with a nylon tool and a replaceable handle.

The cookware set has an induction bottom without a logo which makes it compatible with all cooktops. This cookware set will suit your needs whether you are using an electric, gas, or induction stove to prepare meals.


The Herzberg HG-8090-7BK cookware set is a great purchase for any kitchen, to sum up. It is the ideal complement to any home cook's kitchen because it is strong, adaptable, and simple to use. Get yours now, then start preparing meals like a pro!



  • Premium Quality Material: Made from high-quality 3003 aluminum, this cookware set is durable and long-lasting.
  • 2-Layer Marble Coating: The interior of the cookware set features a 2-layer marble coating that is non-stick, making cooking and cleaning a breeze.
  • Removable Handle: The cookware set comes equipped with a removable handle that is both sturdy and comfortable to grip, making it easy to move from stove to oven or table.
  • Silicone-Coated Bakelite Knob: The knob is made of silicone-coated bakelite, which stays cool to the touch, ensuring your safety while cooking.
  • Induction Bottom: The cookware set features an induction bottom without a logo, making it suitable for use with all cooktops.
  • Multiple Sizes: The set includes a 18x8.5cm casserole, a 24x5.0cm fry pan, a 26x6.5cm deep fry pan with a lid, and a 28x5.5cm fry pan, providing versatility for different cooking needs.
  • Nylon Tool: The set also includes a nylon tool to help you cook like a pro.
  • Sleek Design: The cookware set features a sleek black exterior that complements any kitchen décor.
  • Even Heat Distribution: With a thickness of 2.5mm, this cookware set ensures even heat distribution, making cooking a breeze.


  • Brand name: Herzberg
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 2.5mm                               
  • Material: 3003 Aluminium 
  • Interior: 2-layer marble coating
  • Exterior: Regular black
  • Handle: Removable handle                             
  • Bottom: induction bottom without logo
  • Knob: Silicone-coated bakelite
  • 1 x 18x8.5cm casserole
  • 1 x 24x5.0cm fry pan
  • 1 x 26x6.5cm deep fry pan w/lid
  • 1 x 28x5.5cm fry pan
  • 1 x 26cm Glass Lid
  • 1 x Removable handle
  • 1 x Nylon tool
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