» » Herzberg HG-6412H0: Almohada de Espuma Viscoelástica Contour
Almohada de espuma con memoria Contour
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Herzberg HG-6412H0: Almohada de Espuma Viscoelástica Contour

Referencia : HG-6412H0

Almohada de espuma viscoelástica contorneada con tecnología de enfriamiento. Diseño ergonómico, hipoalergénico, alinea la columna. Altura perfecta, transpirable, funda lavable.

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Descripción y especificaciones del producto

Experience the soft shade and attach it to the head with the Herzberg HG-6412H0, a foam pad with contour memory and advanced environmental protection technology. This chair is ergonomically designed with upward curves in the contour and adapts perfectly to the shape of the human body. Properly supports the spine naturally and fully relaxes the muscles for a more rapid and complete workout. This almohada alinea adecuadamente su columna, adecuada para personas que ermen de costado y boca arriba, y offerrece la altura perfecta para liviar los dolores de cuello. This almohada is made of high-quality viscoelastic foam material and comes with an anti-carious and hypoallergenic bamboo fiber funda that is soft and highly breathable, easy to clean and completely extractable. It is safe to use and approved by a doctor, it does not attract pollution or insects and all materials are natural and ecological. Without scents of foam or tejidos that can be toxic. The cushion cover is breathable and perfect for air circulation and a fresh and pleasant sensation thanks to the advanced construction that improves the comfort. It's a complete and deep sweat with great comfort throughout the night and it's easy to rejuvenate every day with the viscoelastic sponge Contour HG-6412H0 from Herzberg, ¡solo from Herzberg!




  • Contour viscoelastic foam padding with cooling technology
  • The investigation will improve the technology of enfriamiento
  • Ergonomic design with upward curves
  • Coutour adapted perfectly to the shape of the human body.
  • Hypoallergenic and polvo-free materials
  • Correctly align the column so that the handle and blade are aligned
  • Altura perfecta que previene y livia los dolores de cuello
  • Sin odores de espuma o tela que pueden ser toxinos.
  • Breathable and perfect for air circulation.
  • Washable extractable funda
  • All positions for sleeping
  • Natural and ecological materials.
  • New wave form for convenient use
  • Breathable tejido
  • Maintain the shape, size and quality for as long as possible
  • Approved by the doctor
  • Promote un sueño completo
  • Rejuvenate the heart of every man
  • No more corporate dolores cada mañana
  • Temperature balance technology
  • 2 years warranty


  • Brand: Herzberg
  • Color: white and gray
  • Materials: viscoelastic foam, bamboo fiber
  • Dimensions: 60x40x12 / 10cm.



Description of the almohada fund:

  • Wash the tap with the machine after the view.
  • No usa blanqueador
  • No washing in dry
  • Plancha fria
  • Secar en secadora shin
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