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Molino de pimienta inoxidable Herzberg

Referencia : HG-8106

Cuerpo de acero inoxidable cepillado, cámara acrílica duradera. Motor potente, evita obstrucciones. Operación con una mano, recarga fácil, indicador LED.

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Descripción y especificaciones del producto

The Herzberg HG-8106 stainless steel pepper mill is elegant and stylish and will add a classy chef's hat to your kitchen. Its modern design will turn into the center of attention of its mesa, provocando the gatherings of its family and guests. It is designed with a transparent container of 80 ml of capacity to facilitate the release and control of the level of species. The bottom will be securely shaped to avoid leaks and keep fresh species.



  • The stainless steel core is brushed and the design of the acrylic camera is so that the molds are extremely durable, without the risk of the crystal breaking. 
  • Its powerful and fast motor provides durability on a large platform and does not oxidize or corrode, guaranteeing the safety of your food. Guarantee that there is no damage or obstruction when exposed to hardest pepper grains, Kosher salt, Himalayan salt or other species. 
  • Move with one hand and one button. Ideal for those suffering from arthritis or chronic pain in their hands. Use it with just one hand to stir a dish, marinate a fillet, mix a salad or even cook on the phone. Use the most frequent species in addition to recipes in the exact cantidades desired.
  • Easy to control and control species levels
  • The background will be firm to avoid fumes and maintain the frescura of its species.
  • Alternately, these are some of the most portable automatic machines with the power of the hand, which can be moved easily from the kitchen. 
  • Thanks to the ergonomic design of this product, you can take it out on trips, at a picnic or even at a barbecue. Hoy en día, añade ese sabor extra a cualquier comida.
  • It is ideal for inauguration parties, weddings, holidays and birthdays. 
  • You can easily mount this product without any discomfort
  • No damage to crystals, rot, oxidation or corrosion
  • You can control the end of the wheel through an adjustable twister on the lower part (fino, medium, crane)
  • Put the stone on the lower part to keep your species secas
  • LED light indicator that allows the amount of condiment that goes on its plate.
  • Acrylic camera with amplified abertura for quick and easy reloading
  • With ceramic moulds, more suitable for the marinade and its variants


  • Brand: Herzberg
  • Color: Plata
  • Material: Stainlees 
  • Function with batteries: Yes (not included)
  • Height: 22.3cm
  • Anchura: 5.3 cm


  • 1 x Stainless pepper mole
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