» » Herzberg HG-6006: Especiero de acero inoxidable con juego de 4 tarros de vidrio

Herzberg HG-6006: Especiero de acero inoxidable con juego de 4 tarros de vidrio

Referencia : HG-6006

Tapa de acero inoxidable de grado alimenticio, base antideslizante, vidrio transparente de grado alimenticio. Perfecto para la cocina y la decoración de la mesa, manteniendo ordenadas las encimeras y las especias fácilmente accesibles.

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Herzberg HG-6006: Stainless steel holder with 4 glass cups


The Herzberg HG-6006 is equipped with wood fibers and is made of glass without lead and stainless steel, which is resistant and durable. The antioxidant, anti-insect and anti-corrosion glass containers are transparent glass containers. The frascos are designed in a unique shape and are listed for their practical use. You can see the condiment inside, making it easier to add the condiment at any time. The unloading tap can be sheltered to allow optimal pollution of the particles and small particles. To use, simply turn the tap or key to keep it fresh in its species. This game of available species improves the simplicity of use and the practicality of meals, the existing species can be used in hotels, restaurants and party drinks. The unusual exterior design of the organizer of species is also very attractive, it is necessary to attach it to the cabinet, regardless of its interior style, it is an excellent decorative element for your kitchen. This is also a fantastic idea of ​​a treat.




  • Stainless steel tap for food grade
  • Anti-slip base and easy to use.
  • Transparent food grade glass
  • Antioxidant, anti-insect and anti-corrosion products
  • Keep the encimeras and the kitchen tidy and clean.
  • Safe and well-sold materials.
  • Find the species quickly thanks to the transparent video.
  • Perfect for decorating kitchens and tables.
  • Compact and limited space
  • Design of easy-to-transport equipment
  • Easy to clean


  • Brand: Herzberg
  • Color: black and red.
  • Material of the box and the rejilla: stainless steel
  • Material of the tarro/botella: vidrio
  • Number of Rociadores Designs: 1
  • Number of frascos / containers: 2 (large) and 2 (small)
  • Number of levels: 1
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